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Company Levels 2021/2022

It’s almost time to sign up for fall classes! We are excited to say that this year all

company students in the following levels will be moving up: Intro To Company,

Company 1, Company 2, Company 3, and Company 4. For example, if a student was

in Company 3 last year, they will register for Company 4 classes this season. This will

mean that many students will have new teachers, and may be offered a larger variety

of classes. We will also be adding Musical Theatre back on the schedule!

A few students took a year off from tap last year. If students took a year off from tap

last season they may join a tap company again, however, they will remain at their

previous tap level.

Company 5 & Company 6 students will remain in their current level unless they receive

an email or message. Emails will be sent by Wednesday, July 21st. We will be

moving up a few level 5 & 6 students.

Production Tap - Please watch your emails for a survey on production! We cannot

seem to find a spot to fit production into the schedule this year, however, we have an

idea! Since we were able to extend tap 3,4/5,6, and elite to an hour this year we

could teach the production routine during the regular tap companies. This would

mean there would be no extra tuition charge for the extra class, but there would be 2

entry fees for tap (1 for the regular company tap, and 1 for production). Of course, we

would need a few extra Saturday and/or Sunday rehearsals to learn finale and practice

together, and students would need to be at every recital for production tap. We will

send out a survey soon, and will make a decision once we have results. We will only

run production this way if everyone is on board.

Ballet Technique Is Back!

*Ballet Technique (or a 2nd ballet company) is required for levels 3,4,5,6,& elite ballet,

lyrical, jazz, and contemporary students.

*Tap company students who compete in tap only must take an additional 2 hours of

dance and/or aerial classes in addition to their tap company (Except for Pro-Am


*Elite Tap MUST take level 6 tap in addition to elite tap.